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Multisig It!
Create Bitcoin multisignature addresses from Twitter.

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Multisig made usable.

Spontaneous organization

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Cross-border collaboration

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1. Tweet @MultisigIt and mention with whom you want to collaborate, like so: "@MultisigIt A out of B @X @Y @Z" - replace A with how many keys are required for verification, B with the total number of keys, and X, Y, and Z with the signatories. You can mention up to three signatories per tweet.

2. Sign in to get your key to control the group funds. You can burn your private key from our servers, but removing keys is irreversible for security purposes.

3. When all signatories have signed in, the multisignature address is created. Anyone can send money to the address. With your private key, you can control the funds through any wallet service connected to the Bitcoin network.

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Tweet @MultisigIt